R&D and Engineering

TAF's capabilities include research, development, and engineering to advance commercialization and transition concept to prototype.


At TAF, we quickly transition concepts to fully operational prototypes. TAF operates a permanent facility in Richmond, Virginia to house design and prototyping equipment, as well as additional flex space that can be utilized on demand. 

TAF's in-house modeling and prototyping facilities allow engineers to rapidly test and integrate design changes while incorporating them with the software, allowing for software and hardware to work in concert in real time.


Engineering Services

We rely on our permanent TAF engineering staff as well as outside subject matter experts and manufacturing partners to ensure that we can meet our customers' needs and successfully transition our research and development to full operational capability and commercial products. 

TAF performs extensive in-house engineering and analysis to support commercialization and transition of research. Our engineers are experienced in reducing risk and optimizing performance to ensure that products can be delivered on time, on budget, and with the user.



TAF conducts Research and Development to create new and innovative technologies that enhance our clients capabilities and readiness. Our R&D team is charged with identifying new opportunities to apply and combine existing technologies and science to develop new products and capabilities. We have a proven track record of identifying new technologies capable of transforming existing systems to provide new capabilities.

Some examples of our types of R&D projects:


Lifecycle Support

TAF offers Lifecycle Support for our clients including lifecycle analysis for new products and reverse engineering, which diminishes sourcing work for legacy products. 

For lifecycle analysis, we identify the lifecycle of products and platforms and help ensure that systems and products meet reliability, usability, maintenance and safety requirements.

To maintain legacy systems, TAF provides reverse engineering & diminishing source manufacturing support to ensure difficult-to-procure parts can be manufactured successfully.