PCBA Production

TAF performs Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), through-hole components, and PCB reworks for clients. Our engineers analyze the structure of circuit boards and create a comparable product when there is a need for reverse engineering and specialized manufacturing. TAF's facilities include optical and functional test cells for qualifying and conducting 100% inspection of fabricated PCBAs.


Short Run & On-Demand

TAF provides short run processes including build-to-order and on-demand manufacturing, short-run final assembly, and other manufacturing support services. This includes box-build, wire harnesses, potting, testing/calibration, and final assembly.

We also design & optimize parts for long-run manufacturing including injection molding, vacuum forming, and rotational molding techniques. 



TAF utilizes additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, to prototype and provide efficient and consistent products. At TAF we believe in technological advancement, and see the capabilities that can be added utilizing additive manufacturing technology. 

We work with businesses to create solutions. From concept to final product TAF is with you every step of the way. 



TAF has designed and manufactured a range of products for different clients, a few of which are available for sale directly from TAF. A selection is highlighted below:

Mobile Office

The Mobile Office is an example of TAF's ongoing manufacturing capabilities. The Mobile Office was created when DLA came to TAF to find a solution that would make working in the field more efficient and comfortable for employees. 

TAF collected data, conducted research, prototyped, tested, and surveyed to determine the direction of the Mobile Office. The Mobile Office is now in the field serving DLA personnel as well as municipal workers across the country.  For more information visit the Mobile Office Website.