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TAF will help you enhance your business Capabilities

TurnAround Factor (TAF) is a trusted Strategic Consulting, R&D/Engineering, and Manufacturing team that offers streamlined business solutions.

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TAF can support your organization in the quest for optimal program performance. We identify your current capabilities and areas of opportunity to provide recommendations and develop plans of improvement.

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TAF offers engineering and analysis to support the commercialization and transition of research. Using advanced analysis tools, such as finite element analysis, our engineers reduce risk and optimize performance to ensure that products can be delivered on time, on budget, and on target.

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The TAF engineering team has extensive experience transitioning concept from prototype to manufacturing. We ensure that we can meet our customers needs and successfully transition our research and development to full operational commercial products.

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Based in Richmond, Virginia, TAF is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business founded in 2001. For over 20 years TAF has provided key support to strategic decision makers. TAF established its engineering division in 2010 to provide technology analysis and R&D consulting services to key customers. TAF's portfolio has continued to expand to include reverse engineering and manufacturing services to support our customers.

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