Surveys, Questionnaires, & Interviews — Data Gathering & Analysis


  • Conduct a detailed study of customers, geographic areas or markets to collect data on satisfaction, attitudes, opinions or impressions by polling a population segment.

Technological Approaches

  • Web-based/on-line  
  • Social Media
  • In-person
  • Mail
  • Telephone
  • Optical Mark Recognition
  • Textual Analytics\
Viewing Survey Results

Data Collection Research Techniques

  • Actionable Data
  • Big Data
  • Protect Individual Anonymity
    • Staff certified for Personal Individual Item protection
  • Customer Co-creation
  • Match requirements or metrics to questions


Formats, Execution, and technology drive TAF's selection of Best Practices.
  • Surveys, Questionnaires or Interviews  may have different processes employed
  • Question development and placement
  • Format
  • Print
  • Mail or Email
  • Scanability (Optical Mark Recognition, Optical Character Recognition)
  • Fit on a clip board
  • Data process techniques – 
    • data entry,
    • Statistical charts, graphs, tables