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Management Services 

TurnAround Factor provides Management Services to aid organization in improving their performance. In doing this, TurnAround Factor is able to provide organizations with an objective analysis of existing organizational problems and to facilitate development of plans for improvement. We provide your organization access to our specialized expertise and best practice awareness as well as provide process analysis, strategy development and implementation, and operational improvement. Through our methodology, we provide and support identification and analysis of issues that will lead to recommendations for resolution and for more efficient and effective routes of accomplishing tasks, objectives, and goals within your organization.

At the strategic level, TurnAround Factor identifies actionable areas where your organization could improve performance through utilizing data collection and connecting that data into meaningful steps for senior leadership to take in order to improve the customer experience and to enhance the current workflow. Through our Management Services, we gauge the expectations of high-level decision-makers and senior leadership as well as gauge the expectations of their customers to inform the way forward. This provides a basis or framework for us to develop recommendations on the best course of action for your organization to be the most successful that it can be.

TurnAround Factor has been involved in many projects where Management Services were provided. Most notably, those projects include:
  • DLA Client Survey