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Executive Consulting

TurnAround Factor provides executive-level support in order to enhance and improve program performance and accomplish enterprise-wide goals and objectives within your organization. We contribute knowledgeable and experienced consulting services and serve as an advisory role to senior leaders to aid and facilitate program management and policy changes, as well as operational logistics and support. We also support strategic policy and programmatic efforts to promote economy, standardization, efficiency, and effective business methodologies and practices, as well as interagency and interdepartmental cooperation. The scope of our Executive Consulting services includes programmatic, analytical, technical, functional, and administrative support to our customers in many areas, to include: systems architecture, digital dashboard and common operating picture, business intelligence, market research, economic analysis, and requirements development and definition.

TurnAround Factor's prevalent objectives as part of our Executive Consulting services is to synchronize system activities, institutionalize capabilities, and promote long-term resourcing of those capabilities within your organization. Our Executive Consulting services include researching, conducting analysis, coordinating information, and applying technical and functional expertise. We will provide input to support refinement and achieve clarity within business processes, program management, and program performance. As a result of our consulting services, TurnAround Factor will develop and deliver recommendations to ensure complete mission support is provided to facilitate effective and efficient implementation of the enterprise-wide objectives and goals within your organization. 

TurnAround Factor has been involved in numerous projects where Executive Consulting services were provided. Most notably, past and current projects include:
  • Material Solutions for ODASD for Program Support
  • Strategic Integration for ODASD for Program Support