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Operations Research

In order to support decision-making throughout an organization and increase efficiency in program performance, we provide the necessary services to provide technical expertise and analytical program management support in developing solutions for complex issues within your organization. Through Operations Research, we determine the maximum benefits and minimum costs of enterrpise-wide goals and objectives against program performance.

TurnAround Factor utilizes quantitative tools of analysis for business management strategies, structures, and processes. As such, TurnAround Factor develops, analyzes, and documents business and infrastructure metrics in support of Operations Research, to include: operational requirements, technology development initiatives, technology applications, capability gaps, organizational processes, target organization dynamics, information operation themes, and security architectures. In addition, we develop other analysis tools—such as "as-is" process flow models in order to determine capabilities—data feeds and reports for workflow management, performance measures, and a complete functional economic analysis to determine total costs. We develop these assessment metrics in order to facilitate Operations Research, as well as provide documentation services throughout the project to ensure confidence in our methodology. 

TurnAround Factors has conducted Operations Research in the course of projects under Federal contracts. Some of these projects include:
  • NoMADD and Deployable Distribution Support for DLA.