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Business Process Reengineering

TurnAround Factor analyzes the workflows and business processes within an organization that drive enterprise-wide performance. By utilizing BPR, TurnAround Factor enhances your organization's products and capabilities by improving customer service, cutting operational costs, increasing workflow efficiency, and increasing competitiveness. BPR focuses on a holistic approach for applying business objectives to the internal and external processes that affect them. We will discover the flaws and inefficiencies in existing infrastructure and business processes to strengthen organizational performance.

Through analysis and research, we will restructure workflow and business mechanisms that will enhance productivity and warfighting capabilities and will result in massively improved business processes. We provide any and all technical and functional support to fully meet your organization's needs and fulfill our promise to you that we can and will improve and enhance your organization's performance. We research, measure, and map key processes in preparation for successful implementation of program goals and objectives. Often, BRP includes tools of research and analysis—e.g., Gap Analysis, Business Case Analysis, Operations Research—and compares the "as-is" processes against the desire "to-be" processes in support of overhauling the key business structures and improving program performance for an organization. Through BPR, TurnAround Factor closes gaps, mitigates risks, and increases performance and efficiency of existing programs, all of which permits further program and organizational growth and improvement. As a part of quality management and control, we also thoroughly document every step of our process to ensure all of the customer's needs are met and customer satisfaction is achieved.

TurnAround Factor has conducted BPR for many projects on Federal contracts. Some of those notable projects include:
  • FLIS Procedures Manual Reengineering for DLA Logistics Information Services.
  • Automated Information Technology & pRFID Implementation for HQ DLA.