Gap Analysis

If an organization is not properly managing and utilizing its current resources, it may be performing significantly under its peak potential. TurnAround Factor is capable of performing Gap Analyses for organizations in order to identify the gaps and inefficiencies that are standing between actual performance and optimal performance. We involve the determination, documentation, and approval of business and enterprise-wide requirements as well as the expectation of performance against current capabilities. To better suit the needs of the client, we are able to perform a Gap Analysis at all levels of an organization, to include operational and strategic levels.

We utilize documented, detailed, and defensible analytical techniques to assess the gaps between current program performance and the overall strategic vision of the organization. We identify the capabilities of your organizations internal processes to achieve its desired outcome and highlight the gaps that are creating deficiencies as compared to the organizational and business vision and industry best practices. In addition, the size of the gap between the existing outcomes and the desired outcomes. All of this provides a strong basis for developing a strategic road map that will move your organization from its present state to its desired state. 

Our Gap Analysis methodology is simple yet comprehensive. It includes the following four steps:
  • Identify the existing process with your organization in terms of business rules, technology platforms, search parameters, quality assurance, etc.
  • Identify the existing outcomes in tangible and measurable terms. 
  • Identify the size of the outcome gap through a comparison of the existing outcome and the desired outcome.
  • Describe the process and process requirements to bridge the gap, which may include enhancements to business rules and processes, technology platforms configuration parameters, search parameters and weighting, and data quality assurance.
Though Gap Analysis is often conducted as a component of Business Case Analysis, it is a substantial tool of analysis in its own right. Most notable of these projects that utilized Gap Analysis include:
  • DLA Troop Support Subsistence