Cost-Benefit Analysis

TurnAround Factor provides a systematic approach in estimating the strengths and weaknesses of various alternatives in terms of labor, time, cost-savings, etc. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) involves a comparison of the justification and feasibility of possible options within an organization, as well as providing a basis for comparing those options across the total program requirements. This is in relation to the total expected costs against the total expected benefits, whether the benefits outweigh those costs, and by how much the benefits outweigh the costs. Through CBA, we can recommend the best approach and inform senior leadership on how the organization can reach its most desired outcome.

CBA is often conducted as a component of Business Case Analysis; however, it has significant merit in its own right as a tool of analysis. It is a comprehensive quantitative and economic approach to examining alternatives. We examine and analyze costs, benefits, savings, cost-avoidance, and risks to help inform your organization and senior leadership of the most optimal course of action of which to take advantage. Through our analysis, we will be able to develop proposed cost benefits and savings available through a comparison of available options. We will be able to develop recommendations of the cost savings and efficiencies to be exploited to aid senior leadership and top-level decision-making.

TurnAround Factor has been involved in a variety projects utilizing CBA, either as a component of Business Case Analysis or as a tool of analysis in its own right. Most notable of these projects include:
  • DLA Troop Support Subsistence